Help Me! I’m Stuck!

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1. Before asking for helping

  • Check for typos — Make sure your code is free of typos. Noone likes to go through a code, just to find that you misspeled a variable.
  • Google — If you get stuck on a concept, a quick search will definitely help. Read the documentation, blogs, articles and watch some YouTube videos to grasp them better.
  • Check online forums — There is a reason StackOverflow is our best friend. Understand that the problems you are facing, have been faced by someone else in the past. How was it solved? Search in online forums for possible answers. Most of the time, you’ll get your bug solved.
  • Value the time of others — Understand that whoever is going to help you will be putting effort and time which they don’t need to in the normal course of their day. Appreciate their time and try to make helping you as easier as it can be for them.

2. Asking for help.

“Help us help you"

  • Explain your problem in a gist — Get straight to the problem, no one should spend time searching for your problem. Keep the problem statement as concise as possible.
  • Provide all information — If you believe a fact (or a piece of code) may be important to solve your problem, provide it beforehand, don’t wait to be asked about it. Make life easy for everyone.
  • What have I tried — Share what have you tried to solve the problem. It’s as said, “God helps those who help themselves”. Only you are responsible for yourself, don’t expect someone else to solve your bug, while you Netflix and Chill. Also, I would hate to hear this personally “Oh, I’ve tried what you’re suggesting, it doesn’t help". If you have tried something, clearly mention it.
  • The source code — There is absolutely no reason to flaunt your new camera phone, don’t take pictures from your phone and ask for help. Always share the source code.
  • A screenshot — If and only if your problem is a visual one, share the screenshot, not a picture from your iPhone, not ever. But it is no substitute for source code, regardless of thescreenshot, the source code is mandatory to be shared.

3. After asking for help

  • Stick around — Given you have provided all the info, it may happen that whoever is trying to help may need some more facts. Stick around, discuss with them. Don’t just run away after posting your question.
  • Discuss — Talk with your peers about what else may be done to solve the bug, it’s a team game. Doesn’t matter who solves the bug, in the end, everyone has learned something new.
  • Try possibilities — Whatever you come across, try to put in work, maybe it’ll help. Constantly, keep trying to solve the bug. I understand your frustrations, but we’re trying to help you only.

4. YAY! It’s solved.

  • Show gratitude — Someone who is neither your acquaintance nor your friend has put in efforts and time which would have been otherwise used more efficiently had it not been for your nasty bug. Respect them. Heartfully thank them for helping you out.
  • Let others know it’s solved — As soon as you solve it, let everyone know it is solved, and thank those who tried too, maybe their solution was not apt, but they have put in their time too. There’s a possibility that you have asked in multiple forums, go to each one of them and post about you getting the solution. If possible, provide the solution that worked for you.

5. Pay it Forward

“Pay it forward”



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