#teamtanayejschallenge- Part 4- Functions and Scope in JavaScript

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Its said that we humans are becoming slaves to machines, being addicted to them. Partly, it is correct. In my opinion, it is the other way around, machines are our slaves. They only do what we make them do. But sometimes, they malfunction, i.e, they go haywire, acting in a manner we don’t desire.

My phone is not functioning correctly”. Easy to understand. Function means a task. Whenever your phone doesn’t perform it right, we call it malfunctioning.

But, what actually is wrong in the machine is either hardware or software. Lets talk about the software part of the machines.


#teamtanayejschallenge- Part 3- Conditional Statements and Loops in JavaScript

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Humans are all about choices. From choosing what to wear to your best freind’s birthday to choosing where & what to eat at dinner today. This, the creators of all programming languages knew. As such, JavaScript has various options to write codes which works on the very principle of Choices

Straight Line Flow Control

Consider the following code

var name = prompt('What is your name?');
var greet = 'Good Morning, ' + name;
/* the above code snippet asks the user for the name, and greets Good Morning.*/

This code is a straight line flow control. The next line of code is executed…

#teamtanayejschallenge- Part 2- Binding & creating data in JS

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As I had discussed in the previous post, a program uses values stored in the system to work on. Such values are called variables.


Binding means to create and hold values, also called variables.

var name = 'Dash';
var age = 19;
/* Here, we told JavaScript to create a data by the name of 'name' and store a value 'Dash' of string datatype.
We did the same with the age, but this time saving a number datatype in it. */
/* Now, we have 2 variables to operate on. */

Binding names- If you look closely above, you would…

#teamtanayejschallenge- Part 1- Types of data and their manipulation option

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JavaScript is an infamous programming language, usually confused for 'Java’. These are two different languages altogether, connected in no way other than their first four letters.


Anything in your computer is data, let it be an image of you in Disneyland, a game or a document. All the data is stored in bits(small fragments of data), consisting of zeroes and ones.

The first programs were written in 0s and 1s. But we have come a far way from that, today programming is as easy as it can be, making JavaScript (JS) a common choice, as it gives one more control…

A comprehensive guide to asking for help when stuck in programming.

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If the life of us coders was a movie, the most common scene would be us banging our hands on the desk.

Why? You ask. Bugs, I answer. What is a Bug? Yes, it is a small insect that you know about, constantly being an integral part in our ecosystem. But no, I am talking about bugs in programming, which get in our way of making awesome websites and apps.

Bugs are the errors, as simple as that. These are faults in code that breaks the code, and you don’t get your desired output. …

Errors and Bugs Beginners face in Coding

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Since the past few days, I have been quite active on TeamTanay Discord, a super awesome community of web developers, trying to help anyone and everyone in any manner I can, interacting with my fellow coders and learning loads of new stuff.

I’ve been coding for 8 months now, and I found out a pattern of problems that most newbies are falling for, in the community, I fell for them too. Here’s a brief of some common problems that beginners face.

Typos — Uh, the damn stupid vowel that I missed

Calm down, my friend! We have all been there. Making typos and fussing over being an idiot in programming…

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